the easiest watermelon lime juice

super easy watermelon lime juice | www.nyssaskitchen.comI’m pretty sure that most of you reading this post are really feeling the heat this summer. it’s been non stop hot and we are coming up with some creative ways to stay hydrated over here. don’t get me wrong, I love drinking water, but sometimes you just wanna switch it up, you know? so when I had a half of a watermelon in the refrigerator last week that had been somewhat abandoned, I figured I would try experimenting with a recipe for watermelon juice. it turned out to be so simple, fast and delicious that I have to share it with you so you can get your sip on too!

super easy watermelon lime juice |

this recipe is so easy it’s almost falls into the category of a non-recipe, recipe. I put in the measurements for the amounts I used and the yield it produces so you would know about how much watermelon = how much juice, but really you could use however much watermelon you have (just keep in mind that you will have to adjust the amounts for the other ingredients). I love that it’s perfectly sweet as is so you don’t need to use any added sweetener – just a big squeeze of lime juice and a pinch of salt to perk up the flavor.

we’ve been drinking it like this over ice, and we have also made a cocktail or two with a little bit of vodka – such a perfect summer treat!

this beautiful & refreshing beverage is just a few minutes of prep and the push of a blender button away! I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

super easy watermelon lime juice | Print
super easy watermelon lime juice |

the easiest watermelon lime juice

  • Author: Nyssa Tanner
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 5 mins
  • Yield: about liquid 6 cups 1x


a super simple and refreshing recipe for watermelon lime juice



  • 8 cups watermelon cut into 1 inch cubes
  • juice from one lime
  • pinch of salt


  1. put all the ingredients into a blender and blend on high until the watermelon is completely liquified (about 1 minute). If you have a tamper I would recommend using it to get the process started, as it takes just a little bit for the watermelon to start breaking down and for things to get moving. alternatively you could alternate pressing the cubed watermelon down with a long spoon with pulsing the blender.
  2. taste for lime, & adjust if necessary.
  3. pour over ice and serve!


Did you make this recipe? I would love to know how it turned out! you can leave me a comment below, or snap a picture and post it to instagram with the hashtag #nyssaskitchen! xo

2 thoughts on “the easiest watermelon lime juice

  1. Plaga

    Yay! This is so simple even I can’t screw it up!! This is just the drink I need to make this week to cool off! 🙂 Another grande slam from the ever fabulous Nyssa Tanner!!


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