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I’m Nyssa, the Seattle based lady behind this food blog.

I’m passionate about seriously delicious grain free food, photography, mindful indulgences, live music and living a full + rooted life with my warm-hearted husband (Patrick) and a sweet little feline fur ball (Wiley).

On Nyssa’s Kitchen you’ll find tasty, (mostly) grain free recipes; savory warm meals and veggie packed salads, some refined sugar free treats, simple snacks, and tasty breakfasts – each dish always with the best quality ingredients in mind.

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This little corner of the internet is my food journal as a former omnivore. These days, I follow a (mostly) grain free lifestyle.

My food philosophy used to be: eat lots of produce, and most other things in moderation – as long as it didn’t make me feel bad.

But then one day – literally – my body stopped feeling “good”. An onset of foreign symptoms overtook my daily life. I battled aches and pains, neuropathy and just overall exhaustion for months, seeing specialist after specialist without any answers beyond, “maybe you’re just depressed”. I was heartbroken and at my wits end.

Finally, after nearly a year of searching for answers, I found some clues by evaluating my hormone levels and more importantly the foods I was eating through a little test called the MRT (mediator release test – If you want to learn more about this test and how it works you can check it out HERE). This blood test is like a road map to navigating foods that cause inflammation in your body. Inflammation that can trigger countless symptoms, imbalances and diseases in the body! By omitting the things that were highly inflammatory to me – chicken, lentils, peanuts, stone fruits and cranberries + most grains (with the exception of the occasional buckwheat, quinoa and oats), and increasing anti-inflammatory foods plus managing my stress levels I have FINALLY found a way to have more control over my health and happiness.

A way to thrive instead of survive.

Through my journey I’ve realized that what matters most in acheiving optimal health is the difference between  covering up + fighting against symptoms of imbalance // and working WITH the body to acheive balance and lasting change on a deep, cellular level.

Wherever you’re at on your journey with food (and I know mine isn’t over – wouldn’t it be boring if it was?), I hope you find some inspiration and guidance in the recipes and tips I share here. Because even though what I could eat became more restricted, I was never willing to sacrifice the JOY and PLEASURE that I find in cooking, eating, and sharing food with friends and family. It has become even more important to me that I keep making and sharing crazy delicious food, and my hope is that you feel that desire through my recipes.

I spend a lot of time developing the recipes and taking the photographs for this site, so please, please only include an excerpt and one photograph of the recipe you would like to share, and link back to my site for the full recipe & post.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the site! I’m so delighted you stopped by. Comment and share recipes, let me know what you loved, and reach out if you have any questions or ever want to be in touch!


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9 thoughts on “about me

  1. Derek Hagan

    Wowww!! I love u girl!! Such a great site, you are doing amazing work! Missing u guys, sending a ton of love to u all in the PNW!! Again, such a pleasure Nyssa, thank u for the wealth of information! 🙂

    1. Nyssa Tanner Post author

      thank you so much Derek! it was fantastic spending some time getting to know you this summer. lots of love your way!

  2. Plaga

    Thanks for sharing your talent and passion with the world! You’ve certainly made my life brighter and better by sharing your soul enhancing culinary creations with me! Love you so!

  3. Roger Franklin

    Hey smiles, nice hanging with Patrick and You last week. Lela and I enjoyed flipping through some of your recipes and are going to try a few as well. love the fact that it is the intake that effects the out come. So true in many ways…… keep it up you two, Keep smiling and hope to cross paths again soon ⚡️

    1. Nyssa Tanner Post author

      So so great meeting you and your very lovely wife! I love that – intake effects the outcome – such a true thing for so many parts of life! I hope you enjoy the recipes and reach out if you have any questions! Hope to see you both again sooner rather than later ☺️✌⚡️


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