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grilled summer squash caprese salad with burrata and basil {vegetaraian + gluten free + keto friendly}

Happy Fall, friends! The season of cozy everything has finally arrived, although I realize that in many parts of the states it hasn’t exactly felt like fall. We’re lucky enough to have had a little mix of both fall weather and sunny days here in Seattle. We’ve had some rain (thank god!) but the temperatures have still been warm enough for grilling and late afternoon lawn games, the sun blessing us with a few more lovely rays before she tucks herself away under a cover of clouds. And since grilling weather is not completely gone, we’ve been making things like this grilled summer squash caprese salad with burrata and basil.

Grilled summer squash caprese salad made with silky burrata cheese, fresh basil, balsamic, plenty of olive oil and toasted pine nuts - so simple and so divine!

If you’ve been following NK for awhile, you’ve probably noticed that I took a bit of a break from dairy over the last year or so, with the exception of yogurt and some hard cheeses. But lately I’ve been trying to add some back in – mostly just different types of cheese (although I did buy some heavy whipping cream around my birthday to make this brown sugar pavlova – pretty much the best birthday treat of all time!)

Which led to discovering the joy of burrata cheese. And once you find the beauty in burrata it’s sort of impossible to resist the simple pleasure of tearing open that perfect little mozzarella packet of soft cheesy goodness.

Although IF you are strictly dairy free, I think you could make a pretty dang delicious salad in similar fashion by substituting some creamy avocado for the burrata. Definitely adding that to my list for next time.

Grilled summar squash and avocado caprese salad?

I think yes.

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