Strawberry Hibiscus Slushies


Nothing says summer quite like strawberry hibiscus slushies!

An easy frozen drink made with real, good-for-you ingredients like frozen strawberries, hibiscus tea, honey, and lime juice. Perfectly sweet tart and full of refreshing, juicy flavor!

– Water – Hibiscus tea bags – Honey – Lime juice


Make the hibiscus tea

Boil 2 cups of water and add hibiscus tea bags. Stir in honey while the tea is hot and transfer to the refrigerator to steep and then chill.

Once hibiscus tea is cold, remove tea bags and add to blender with lime juice, frozen strawberries, and ice.

Make the slushies

Blend on high until smooth, adding a little extra water to thin if needed. Sweeten with additional honey if needed.

Divide between 2 glasses, garnish with fresh strawberries and lime wedges if desired and serve.

Serve and enjoy!

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