Healthy Chicken  Patties


These healthy chicken patties are a delicious protein rich Whole30 dinner recipe!  Made with ground chicken, flavorful spices, green onions, and fresh herbs. Perfect on their own or served with a big green salad or side vegetable. Whole30, gluten free, dairy free, keto, low carb.

- ground chicken - green onions, white and light green parts thinly sliced. - chopped fresh parsley - egg - coconut flour - garlic powder - onion powder - paprika - kosher salt, or to taste - black pepper - olive oil, plus more as needed - Green onions, parsley, and lemon wedges to garnish (optional)


Mix the together the patty ingredients. Add ground chicken, green onions, parsley, egg, coconut flour, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt and pepper to a large bowl and mix to combine.

Form into patties and cook. Form into 8 small patties using clean hands – wetting your hands can help keep them from getting sticky. Heat a large skillet over medium heat until hot.

Make the spicy mayo if using. Mix mayo with hot sauce until well combined.

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