Easy Spring Veggie Egg Skillet With Bacon And Herbed Almond Pesto + Leveling UP


It’s Friday!!! And I’m back with a little 2 part post (it’s gonna get a little personal today!) for you that includes a recipe that would be absolutely perfect for your weekend. It is an easy spring veggie egg skillet with bacon and herbed almond pesto, and it’s to die for!

For the egg skillet - bacon - asparagus - peas - baby spinach - eggs - salt - pepper - cherry tomatoes For the herbed almond pesto - roasted almonds - mixed herbs (I used cilantro, mint, dill and chives) - red onion, diced small - olive or avocado oil - white wine vinegar - salt - coconut sugar


Fry bacon over medium heat in frying pan until fairly crisp. Move to a paper towel to drain and cool.

Add asparagus stalks, season with a sprinkle of salt and saute, until bright green, about 2 minutes, depending on thickness of stalks.

Remove to plate with bacon.

Give this recipe a try! Tap the link for the full recipe details.