Easy Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

GF | paleo | keto | whole30

An easy main dish that is so savory and delicious!

This pork tenderloin is:

Savory Satisfying Easy to make Protein rich Perfectly seasoned Juicy Tender Whole30 compatible Low carb / keto SO good!


Pork tenderloin  Bacon  Coconut amino glaze Simple spice blend

Step 1:  Combine the spices

Step 2: Dry pork tenderloin and coat with spice mixture

Step 3: Lay bacon flat, slightly overlapping on a cutting board

Step 4:  Lightly sear pork tenderloin and wrap tightly in the bacon

Step 5: Brush with coconut amino glaze

Step 6:  Sear the bottom of the bacon wrapped tenderloin for a few minutes before transferring to the oven

Step 7:  Cook at 400 until pork tenderloin is done and bacon is crispy

Slice and serve with a side dish or two!

SO yummy and protein rich!

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