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mango chorizo taco salad bowls with green sauce {gluten free}

Well HELLO, my loves! I’m still here!

I haven’t fallen off a cliff or moved to the middle of nowhere with no internet I PROMISE.

Just took a break from blog land for a little while. But I did miss you, and I have to admit I have that guilty feeling in my stomach that I get when I haven’t called my mother in waaay too long. I know we’ve all been there. Maybe we can make it right with by sitting down with this some of these mango chorizo taco salad bowls with green sauce. Anything topped with green sauce usually makes things right.

Mango chorizo taco salad bowls with green sauce! Spicy crumbled chorizo layered over salad greens with a rainbow of veggies and all your favorite toppings.
This past two weeks gave me a chance to do something that had been missing for awhile – time to re-connect with myself, Patrick, friends, aaaand my inner wild child (<< all very important things, you know?)

Galavanting around to the soundtrack of our favorite bands was so fulfilling and just the kind of magic that I needed to feel like I had really had a SUMMER. Sitting inside every day on a computer and then going inside to work at the restaurants was starting to feel too predictable and even a little stifling.

Just the very fact of not picking up my cell phone for FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT was incredibly liberating, and really put me back in touch with the person that I am without all the filters and perfectly edited captions. I felt soooo much love surround me in the last two weeks and it was pure, raw, maybe-haven’t showered-in-a-little-too-long Nyssa, and it was so affirming and self realizing.

It sounds a little cliche, but summer festival season always fills up my heart and soul in a way that nothing else can, and this year did not disappoint. But I do have to admit that this mango chorizo taco salad bowl with green sauce is a pretty great thing to come home to, and I hope you’ll think so too.

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easy chorizo and asparagus scramble {paleo}

How is it already Monday, again?! I’ve been meaning to get this post out to you all for a little while, but I’ve needed some time to do stuff around the house that desperately needed my attention (read: the big office clean out!). The good news is the office is allllmost done, and I’ve finally found some time to sit my booty down at my newly clean desk (yay!) and write about this delicious scramble! I’m not sure what’s been in the air lately, but I’ve been super into quick and healthy scrambles. And this easy chorizo and asparagus scramble has been a frequent star at our breakfast show.

Made with only 5 ingredients, this easy chorizo and asparagus scramble is a breakfast hero. Plus it's healthy, quick and SUPER easy to make!
In truth, i’ve always considered myself to be much more of a fried egg person.

Do you have a strong preference one way or the other?

Fried is still usually the way that I order ’em when we go out for brunch (except for maybe the ham scramble at Rockcreek here in Seattle! It’s SO GOOD. I could eat those eggs every dang weekend).

But lately, at home, I’ve been into scrambles. Flavorful, veggie packed, healthy, easy breeezy scrambles.

Ingredients for this easy chorizo and asparagus scramble. Made with only 5 ingredients, it's a breakfast hero. Plus it's healthy, quick and SUPER easy to make!

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