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the essential summer salad – a guest blog post

Hey guys!! I am SUPER excited to announce that I am starting a new guest blog post series over at Bitte, a small batch and artisan children’s online store that offers clothing and toys that are unique and built to last. Run by mother and daughter duo, Maia McDonald Smith and Sara McDonald, their store and blog embody many similar values as Nyssa’s Kitchen, and I’m thrilled to be connecting with their audience. I’m also incredibly excited for you to explore their beautiful and sustainable goods – their shop is always the first place I look for gifts for little ones, and I think you’ll see why when you check them out!

The first post that I’ll be sharing on their blog is a recipe for the essential summer salad.. Continue reading for the first part of the post, and then click the link below to get the full recipe!

Ahhh Summer. The season of sun kissed shoulders, light that stretches late into the evening, and dining al fresco with meals where all you need is a simple main dish and a lovely salad to round everything out. And if you have a green thumb, it’s a salad that’s been made with freshly picked vegetables from the garden. Cue in the essential summer salad.

A salad that loves being paired with whatever’s on the menu, comes together in less than 10 minutes, and hosts a variety of nutritionally dense summer veggies that (if you have a garden) are probably going bonkers right now.

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easy chorizo and asparagus scramble {paleo}

How is it already Monday, again?! I’ve been meaning to get this post out to you all for a little while, but I’ve needed some time to do stuff around the house that desperately needed my attention (read: the big office clean out!). The good news is the office is allllmost done, and I’ve finally found some time to sit my booty down at my newly clean desk (yay!) and write about this delicious scramble! I’m not sure what’s been in the air lately, but I’ve been super into quick and healthy scrambles. And this easy chorizo and asparagus scramble has been a frequent star at our breakfast show.

Made with only 5 ingredients, this easy chorizo and asparagus scramble is a breakfast hero. Plus it's healthy, quick and SUPER easy to make!
In truth, i’ve always considered myself to be much more of a fried egg person.

Do you have a strong preference one way or the other?

Fried is still usually the way that I order ’em when we go out for brunch (except for maybe the ham scramble at Rockcreek here in Seattle! It’s SO GOOD. I could eat those eggs every dang weekend).

But lately, at home, I’ve been into scrambles. Flavorful, veggie packed, healthy, easy breeezy scrambles.

Ingredients for this easy chorizo and asparagus scramble. Made with only 5 ingredients, it's a breakfast hero. Plus it's healthy, quick and SUPER easy to make!

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salted banana date popsicles {paleo + vegan}

Even though these popsicles are technically a little late to the official popsicle week party, I’m still gonna go ahead and show them some love because they are worth the wait, my friends! This salted banana date popsicle recipe is locked down and ready for all your warm weather enjoyment, popsicle week, or not!

Salted banana date popsicles are an amazing paleo and vegan frozen treat that are made with a few simple and healthy ingredients!

I tried so hard to have this recipe out to you last week. But the first two rounds just melted into a puddle on my photo boards before I could even think about snapping a picture.

Honestly it was a rather heartbreaking experience.

I could definitely see the potential though…

As the popsicles melted off the sticks (or even refused to come out of the mold, the stick slipping easily from the sweet creamy base), we slid it into bowls, drizzled it with some chocolate and sprinkled it with flaky sea salt and surrendered into frozen dessert heaven anyways.

I even debated reframing the recipe as a no churn ice cream thang (which, may still happen!), but I hung on tight to my original inspiration because the allure of a paleo creamy treat on a stick was too much to let go of.

I love popsicles of the fruity variety, but this particular recipe is a spin off of a salted banana date shake that my sweetie and I have been in love with for at least the past year, and I had a feeling it would make just as good (if not better) of a popsicle.

I was right (I love it when that happens! 🙂)

These popsicles are:

  • Delightfully creamy without any dairy! Coconut milk FTW 💪🏼
  • Ever-so-slightly salty. Think of all the reasons you love salted caramel ice cream
  • Naturally sweetened with dates and bananas
  • Drizzled in dark chocolate and sprinkled with flaky sea salt and cacao nibs for some amazing texture and flavor additions
  • SUPER EASY TO MAKE! Hip hip hooray for that one 🙌🏼
Sprinkling salt for salted banana date popsicles. An amazing paleo and vegan frozen treat that are made with a few simple and healthy ingredients!

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