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Creamy Dairy Free Parsnip and Chive Soup {paleo + vegan}

Anyone else feel like they’re still unwinding from the holiday? While I love love love spending time with friends and family and sharing good food, it always takes me awhile to get back into the groove of things afterwards. There are some things that have been helping me get back into the flow – exercise, quiet down time for reading or watching favorite movies (currently mid Harry Potter marathon!), and making easy, nourishing meals like this creamy dairy free parsnip and chive soup.

A good soup recipe is at the top of the list of my all time favorite things, and favorite ways to warm up. Especially this time of year when every day IS RAIN and I literally need just as many lights on in my house during the day as I do at night.

Not even exaggerating.

These are the days that I dream of spending the winter in someplace warm and tropical.

But for now…

Creamy parsnip and chive soup + twinkle lights + kitty cuddles = things that are keeping me sane.

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rainbow coconut curry noodle soup with chicken

dear rainbow coconut curry noodle soup with chicken,

I am totally in love with you.

and when my friends get to know you, I think they’ll love you too.


even though the pictures of you are kind of blurry because it’s february and there is practically ZERO light coming through my window even at high noon. more like dark noon. *grumble grumble*

(exit monologue with rainbow curry noodle soup)

the lighting issue.

it really is getting better as we begin to eek our way out of the short winter days, but it’s been a challenge for sure. I do use artificial lights sometimes but it just doesn’t have that same oomph as really good natural light. I think if you’ve ever played around with a camera you know what I mean.

this past weekend though!? I made a bunch of delicious things and had lots of lovely light pouring in through the windows with which to photograph those delicious things (yay sun!) and I can’t wait to share them with you.

but for now what I really need to do is convince you to make this amazing soup. because it is kind of the best thing EVER and it will totally brighten your day. it’s super satisfying and it has been sitting in my inbox for more than is an appropriate amount of time for something this yummy to sit in my inbox! (sorry not sorry because, here you go!)


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vibrant kale salad with chili flecked lemon tahini dressing {gluten free + dairy free}


vibrant kale salad with chili flecked lemon tahini dressing | www.nyssaskitchen.com

well here we are at monday, looking back on some very real tragedy from the week passed. if ever there were circumstances to challenge the depth of the warmth and gratitude that we created over the holiday then this was it.

it’s almost impossible to know what to say or do during a time like this. heartbreak and sadness have a tendency to stop us in our tracks in that way, but we have to do something.

keep going.

make real decisions about priorities that will keep our light as human beings alive & bright.

I saw this quote posted on social media earlier this week & it has been running through my head over and over as a kind of a mantra to keep me focused on what matters most.

we can let the circumstances of our lives harden us so that we become increasingly resentful and afraid,
or we can let them soften us, and make us kinder.
we always have the choice.
Dalai Lama

so I’m choosing to stay soft, stay kind. in every way possible. and creating awareness of ways to put this choice into material, tangible form.

for me this means telling my people how much I love them. staying present. looking for small ways to help those in my little corner of the world. and continuing to cook food and share recipes with you.

because sometimes food can say so much more than words.

this week that dish is a vibrant kale salad with a tahini and chili dressing. there’s beets, carrots, cabbage, radishes, green onions and some sesame and sunflower seeds for added crunch. it’s a light dish but also hearty enough to keep us going. a salad that helps us take care of ourselves so we can make sure that we have some extra of whatever we want to give to share with the world.

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