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mango chorizo taco salad bowls with green sauce {gluten free}

Well HELLO, my loves! I’m still here!

I haven’t fallen off a cliff or moved to the middle of nowhere with no internet I PROMISE.

Just took a break from blog land for a little while. But I did miss you, and I have to admit I have that guilty feeling in my stomach that I get when I haven’t called my mother in waaay too long. I know we’ve all been there. Maybe we can make it right with by sitting down with this some of these mango chorizo taco salad bowls with green sauce. Anything topped with green sauce usually makes things right.

Mango chorizo taco salad bowls with green sauce! Spicy crumbled chorizo layered over salad greens with a rainbow of veggies and all your favorite toppings.
This past two weeks gave me a chance to do something that had been missing for awhile – time to re-connect with myself, Patrick, friends, aaaand my inner wild child (<< all very important things, you know?)

Galavanting around to the soundtrack of our favorite bands was so fulfilling and just the kind of magic that I needed to feel like I had really had a SUMMER. Sitting inside every day on a computer and then going inside to work at the restaurants was starting to feel too predictable and even a little stifling.

Just the very fact of not picking up my cell phone for FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT was incredibly liberating, and really put me back in touch with the person that I am without all the filters and perfectly edited captions. I felt soooo much love surround me in the last two weeks and it was pure, raw, maybe-haven’t showered-in-a-little-too-long Nyssa, and it was so affirming and self realizing.

It sounds a little cliche, but summer festival season always fills up my heart and soul in a way that nothing else can, and this year did not disappoint. But I do have to admit that this mango chorizo taco salad bowl with green sauce is a pretty great thing to come home to, and I hope you’ll think so too.

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the essential summer salad – a guest blog post

Hey guys!! I am SUPER excited to announce that I am starting a new guest blog post series over at Bitte, a small batch and artisan children’s online store that offers clothing and toys that are unique and built to last. Run by mother and daughter duo, Maia McDonald Smith and Sara McDonald, their store and blog embody many similar values as Nyssa’s Kitchen, and I’m thrilled to be connecting with their audience. I’m also incredibly excited for you to explore their beautiful and sustainable goods – their shop is always the first place I look for gifts for little ones, and I think you’ll see why when you check them out!

The first post that I’ll be sharing on their blog is a recipe for the essential summer salad.. Continue reading for the first part of the post, and then click the link below to get the full recipe!

Ahhh Summer. The season of sun kissed shoulders, light that stretches late into the evening, and dining al fresco with meals where all you need is a simple main dish and a lovely salad to round everything out. And if you have a green thumb, it’s a salad that’s been made with freshly picked vegetables from the garden. Cue in the essential summer salad.

A salad that loves being paired with whatever’s on the menu, comes together in less than 10 minutes, and hosts a variety of nutritionally dense summer veggies that (if you have a garden) are probably going bonkers right now.

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Loaded Greek Salad bowl with crispy chickpeas and creamy jalepeno dressing {gluten free + dairy free option}

Summer is coming and that means allllll the loaded salad bowls! And we’re kicking off the warm weather salad vibes with this gem right here – a loaded greek salad bowl with crispy chickpeas and creamy jalepeño dressing!

Loaded greek salad bowl with crispy chickpeas and creamy jalepeño dressing is satisfying, healthy and easy to make! Packed with crisp greens, loads of veggies, buttery casteltravano olives, crispy chickpeas and feta cheese it's a salad lovers DREAM!

I first had the notion to put together a greek salad bowl during a lunch date with myself at Oddfellows Cafe here in Seattle. If you’re ever in Seattle do yourself a favor and brunch, lunch or have dinner there! It’s a great space with delicious food + and a wonderful drink selection.

They had a special running for a greek salad, and I sorta fell in love with it.

The weekend after that we were heading out to the coast to vacation on the beach for memorial day weekend with some friends of ours, and needed to plan all of our meals for the trip. I tried my hand at throwing together a loaded greek salad and it turned out so great. I knew with a couple more simple tweaks it was destined to be shared with you.

why you’ll love this loaded greek salad bowl


It comes piled high with tender spicy greens, sweet tomatoes, briny and buttery casteltravano olives (these olives bring me to my KNEES!), fresh cucumbers, cubed smoked turkey for some protein, spiced crispy chickpeas, all the fresh herbs, green onions, and a little feta cheese to set it off IF that’s your style.

And did I mention it’s topped with a creamy jalepeño dressing ?🙂


This situation is pretty much salad heaven, you guys.

Definitely not a classic greek salad, but we’ve all probably had our fair share of that, right?

Loaded greek salad bowl with crispy chickpeas and creamy jalepeño dressing is satisfying, healthy and easy to make! Packed with crisp greens, loads of veggies, buttery casteltravano olives, crispy chickpeas and feta cheese it's a salad lovers DREAM!

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